Monday, 8 December 2014

Repair Shortcut Virus Affected Pendrive & PC without losing data

[Notice: If you want your data back, Don�t format the pendrive after being affected by the shortcut virus!!]

Step 1: Click on �Start� Menu. Type �cmd� & Hit �Enter�[for Windows 7 user]
or Click 'Start' Menu. Click on 'Run'. Type 'cmd' & hit 'Enter' [for Windows XP users]

Step 2: Type your pendrive�s letter and a colon. And hit �Enter� [For Example I have typed �k:�]
Step 2

Step 3: Type  del *.lnk  and hit 'Enter' to delete shortcut link in pendrive.
Step 3

Step 4: Type     attrib -h -r -s /s /d k:\*.*   And it �Enter�
[Change �k� by your drive�s letter]
Step 4

You can use USB Disk Security or Avast AntiVirus or Norton Antivirus to protect your USB devices and to prevent shortcut virus attack!!

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