Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Turn off Internet Explorer or a Windows Service!

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Today we are going to learn how we can turn off a Windows service. We know there are lots of services along with Windows operating system. Some of them are useful and some of them are useless even disgusting. For example: Internet explorer. Internet explorer is a windows service. Many of us don�t like internet explorer because it is too much slow and it is too much weighty application for normal PC/Laptops that is too tough to run on low configuration PC.

So now we are going to learn how to turn off such windows application. For learning we will take Internet Explorer for example. But after this tutorial you can turn off any windows application you want.

First Click on �Start Menu�> then Click �Control Panel�> then Click �Programs� or �Programs and Features�> then in the left side of the window Click �Turn Windows Features On or Off�

After this a new window will appear. It is the list of windows services. And then mark out the applications which you want to turn off.  Then there will appear a confirmation dialog box. Click �Yes�.  Then Click ok. And Restart your PC.

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