Sunday, 31 August 2014

Protect your PC from ShortCut Virus!! 100% Working!!!

Step1: Bring Task Manager by pressing �Ctrl+Shift+Esc�

Step2: Select �Process� Tab from the Task Manager
Step3: Find �AutoIt3� and select it. Then Press �End Process� and select �End Now�
Step4: Now go to �Control Panel� and Click �Folder Option�
Step5: From Folder Option�s �View� tab Tick in to �Show Hidden Files� & Tick out to �Hide Protected Operating System Files�. Then click Apply and Ok.

Step6: Now go to C Drive & Delete the hidden folder named by �Google� & �Skypee�. Thus delete these 2 folders from every drive of your Hard Disk.
Step7: Now from start Menu, go to �Startup� and Delete �GoogleUpdate� and �WindowsUpdate�

Final Step: Use Avast Antivirus and select �Boot Time Scan� or from any other antivirus scan your whole hard disk.


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