Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How to Edit Windows 7 and Windows 8 Hosts File

Trick #1:


NOTE: This example uses the file �hosts� as an example but other files can also be modified using this technique.
If at some point you need to modify your hosts file in Windows 7, you�ll most likely have to change your access rights to that specific file.
Please note that you have to have administrator privileges to make the following changes.
  1. In Explorer, go to the file you wish to Edit. In this case �c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts�
  2. Right-click on that file and select �Properties�
  3. Select the �Security� tab
  4. Select your Users.
  5. Click on �Edit�
  6. Click on your username again and modify the permissions as you wish. In most cases, you can give yourself �Full Control�
Picture of Changing file permissions for a file in Windows 7
Changing file permissions for a file in Windows 7

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Trick #2:

If you are using Windows 7 Operating System, than Editing/Modifying/Saving Windows Hosts File is not possible in most of the cases! In this post we will see How we can easily Edit/Modify/Save Hosts File in Windows 7 Operating System?
Here are the Steps for Editing/Modifying/Saving Windows 7 Hosts File

1. Windows 7 Hosts File is located in: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (Assuming C Drive is your Operating System Drive). Copy this location:

2. Click on Start Button >> All Programs >> Accessories and look for Notepad.

3. Now Right Click on Notepad and Select Run as Administrator:

4. Click Open� (CTRL + O) in Notepad and Paste the Hosts File Address in it >> Press Enter and Select All Files from the Drop Down Menu:

5. Now Open the Hosts File and Edit it as per your Requirement. Save it and it�s all done!
Notepad in Administrator Mode can Save the changes you made in Windows Hosts File. You may not be able to Save Windows Hosts File, if you run Notepad in default mode.

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Trick #3:


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