Saturday, 7 May 2011

Patch eBoostr 4.0 Final build 554

eBoostr 4.0 FINAL (build 554) + patched exe

eBoostr accelerates your computer like no other program can! Normally a computer stores data
on its hard drive. When it needs to access this data it searches the hard drive in sequence
until that data is found. This inefficient process can create unnecessary delays in loading
programs. Even if this data is accessed frequently the computer must still search through
unnecessary data until it is found. eBoostr eliminates excessive loading times by avoiding
this difficult process altogether. Unlike registry cleaners, eBoostr uses your computer�s
hardware to improve performance. Rather than search through data eBoostr will create an
intelligent buffer on solid state memory your computer can access quickly and easily.

Installation instructions:
Run the eBoostr4_final_b554.exe setup file. Stop at the last page
where it asks to restart your computer. Switch to a file manager and replace eBoostrCP.exe
file in c:\Program Files\eBoostr\ or c:\Program Files(x86)\eBoostr\ on x64 architecture with the file included in the
patched_exe directory. Then finish the setup by rebooting your computer and you're done!

Guaranteed no spyware/trojan/adware/virus.
Installation file (trial) was downloaded from vendor's site at:
If You don't trust files in this torrent, you can download setup file yourself.
It must be build 554 or else replacing the exe might not work or it may produce unexpected errors.

eBoostrCP.exe pathed exe has only one byte change. You can check this by e.g. "Compare By Content..."
function in Total commander or similar software, which can show differences between binary files.
If the file has different size or more than 1 byte change, then it was probably altered by someone else
trying to trick you to install malicious code.

Patched exe behaves as if there were no license file check at the start of the program. This works quite
well for me. I've tested clean install on WinXP Pro SP3 with success. Sometimes it happens to me, that
caching stops working and the program shows Paused. This probably happens because of some internal timer
which measures how long the program runs (happens to me after few days not restarting my laptop doing only
sleep or hibernation). Functionality can be restored by restarting the OS. I might have check this later.

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